What is a Cloud Telephony System?

Cloud Telephony System is a communication platform stored and operated on cloud storage. It is easy and efficient than the traditional physical telephony system. The cloud telephony system is easy to set up and use. It always comes with the added advantage of remote access.

The cost-effectiveness of cloud telephony systems and their smart analytics and reports are the reasons why even small businesses have started adopting cloud telephony systems for scaling their business.

Each of the feature that comes along with cloud telephony system promises ways to impress your leads and turn them into long-lasting customers. Read on to find out more.

Features Of Cloud Telephony System:

The cloud telephony system comes with many exciting features which makes it distinct from the physical telephony system. Here are few of the features that comes along with cloud telephony systems:

Click To Call:

No manual intervention is needed for cloud telephony system. The cloud telephony is based on Auto Dialer system. Auto dialer facility increases connect rates avoiding manual intervention, thus significantly enhancing more customer engagement


For business who would require customer to reach back using missed call service can avail customizable interactive voice response system, which can give a complete new professional experience

Lead Management:

Efficient system to capture and track all customer interactions thus providing a perfect overview on the total customer base for taking efficient decisions for your business.

Missed call Service:

The missed call service is used as efficient system for customers to reach back. Here the deployment of manpower would be only 25% comparing to traditional live answering contact center thus saving cost

CRM Integration:

Most cloud telephony systems comes with inbuild CRM to give customers an enhanced experience.

Customized Dashboard:

Dashboard facility gives a complete insight on the metrics at once; it is a powerful analytical tool that helps you monitor to perfection

Reports and Recording:

Monitor and analyze all customer data with agent interaction from a single report system.

Recordings are also made available on every interaction for quality control.

Benefits Of Cloud Telephony System:

1. Single System: Your business gets a single number that can be used on all platforms. This will enable greater control over the call handling and routing process.

2. Easy To Setup: You can set up an efficient cloud telephony system within minutes by yourself without any help from experts. It also promises features that are 10X better than a physical telephony system.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: With Missed call system, you will never miss a call or sales because of the unavailability of call agents every time. The missed call system that comes with cloud telephony enables you to gain better control over your leads.

4. Interactive System: Cloud telephony system enables you to create IVR greetings that will enhance your customer experience.

5. Smart Call Routing: Gain advantage from the smart automatic call routing to the right agents.

6. Cost-Effective: Cloud telephony systems are cost-effective than traditional systems as the cloud system comes with no maintenance and setup cost. It saves large on your business cost. It costs less than 10% of the traditional telephony system.

7. Analytics & Report: The smart analytics and reports let you keep track of conversation and agent performance. The reports let you rework your strategies and thus give you greater flexibility and control over your business.


There are various other benefits on using cloud telephony system for your business. You can even avail customized cloud telephony system tailor-made for your business. To know more about on how you can integrate cloud telephony system to your business. Schedule a free call here

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